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Estate and Trust Planning

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Estate and trust planning is a complex process, especially when you own a business, support multiple charities, have unique family needs, or have assets or beneficiaries located across or outside of Canada.

The Alberta Private Client Wealth Specialist

Estate planning, wealth transfer, philanthropic planning, succession... our Wealth Specialist has the knowledge and experience to help you understand your wealth challenges and navigate the solutions.

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With strong partnerships and a dedicated team, Alberta Private Client can help you plan your legacy with confidence. Your estate and trust team starts with your Private Client Advisor and includes our Private Client Wealth Specialist, who specializes in estate and succession planning. The Wealth Specialist also has access to our external partner Cidel Trust Company, who offers a full suite of trust and estate products. Through the expertise of this team, you can be assured your estate plans come together in the way you envision.

Estate Planning

Our comprehensive will and estate planning services include:

  • Support from a dedicated Wealth Specialist who designs and implements strategies.
  • Sophisticated inheritance and wealth transfer strategies.
  • Business succession planning.
  • Access to philanthropic advisory services.


Trust planning can allow you to minimize taxation issues, shelter income in the event of sudden death, protect the wealth of beneficiaries, enable philanthropic donations, and provide a measure of asset protection. Through your Alberta Private Client Wealth Specialist and Cidel Trust, we can offer a wide range of trusts to suit your needs, including corporate trustee appointments, corporate attorney appointments, philanthropic structures, inbound trusts, insurances trusts and asset protection trusts.

To learn more about these offerings and how they fit into your personal wealth management strategy, talk to your Alberta Private Client Advisor.